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Digital Signage Player

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  • Standalone Digital Signage Player

    - Various codecs and card formats supported
    - Multi-language support
    - MP3 playback capability

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  • Network Digital Signage Player

    - Various codecs supported
    - Includes Content Management Software with no additional fees

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  • High Definition Digital Signage Player

    - Various codecs supported
    - Plays MPEG1/2/4, WMV, AVI, MP3 and JPEG
    - Display up to 1920 x 1080 resolution
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EastStone’s digital media signage players provide a number of media display solutions for businesses wanting to tap into the advantages of digital information display – DID--advertising. From public information displays –PID-to in-store advertising, EastStone’s standalone media signage players are flexible, durable, and affordable. EastStone’s carries media-signage players for standard definition and digital media-signage players for high definition – 1080P – displays.

Designed to be compact and reliable, EastStone’s media digital signage players offers many benefits for a number of industries. From simple in store plug and play advertising to signage player/display integration, EastStone's digital signage media players offer support for many different formats, all in a compact and easy-to-use system.

Reasons why EastStone’s Media Station products:

Captivate Your Customer!
A digital display has the power to grab your customers' attention and draw them in.

It's all about the Motion!
Moving images have a greater impact and lasting effect than static signage.

Quick and Easy!
Change your advertising message quickly and efficiently

Be Versatile!
Utilize existing print and multi-media advertising to increase brand awareness and drive incremental sales.

Money Talks!
Digital signage has shown to be more cost effective than traditional displays and other in-store signage.

Be Innovative!
Use the technology of today to separate yourself from your competitors.